From Tehran to Hormozgan

12 Jan , 2018   Video

beautiful layers of light 
touching the floor
leaving it with shades and light 
super colours dancing around   there were so much more to add to there were so much more to see there were so much more to dig into and explore there were so much more people to bound to The beauty of this trip was endless I didn’t make this video to advertise Iran or my videos. It […]

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photos of solotraveler exploring Iran ,shot with Sony A7s October 2017

25 Oct , 2017  

went under the bridge 
I was told this is not the prettiest scene lady
go bit further east away from dirt n addicted peeps
little they knew what I wanted to see was not the perfect smiley faces living clean
I could not see this man's face 
but I could tell he was traveling into emptiness gazing into nothingness
dead dreams
sad memories
of the city 
where used to be happening

hello to you all My videos of my previous travels will be uploaded soon for now please enjoy these photos of different cities of Iran

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